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About Us

Red Ribbon Living Well CIC is a community organisation for individuals affected by and living with HIV, Mental Health, Family experience domestic violence  and other comorbidities illness. The group was founded in 2009 by members who recognised a need for peer support in the community, and it has grown from its grass-roots beginnings


Main Objectives:

  • Promoting HIV awareness and other related issues

  • Empower individuals affected and living with HIV to lead healthy lives

  • Provide empathy through peer support, education through one-to-one engagement, and encourage self-management and motivation.

  • Challenge ignorance, perceived stigma and discrimination, and negative culture perceptions of HIV to improving psychological well-being and mental health.

  • Provide a safe enviroment where individuals can share their hopes, fears and lived experiences and empower each other to live healthy life,

Purpose of Project

The project delivered safe space both virtually and physically to engage and seek emotional and practical support by analyzing coping mechanisms for its members affected  with mental health, isolation, loneliness, financial burdens and poverty. 

Red Ribbon looked at providing culturally appropriate services and practical information that resonate with our members through in person and virtual spaces. We aim to empower communities and encourage people to test for HIV in a non-judgmental environment and to offer support to negotiate the health care package.

 Providing information in simplified language, understood by  members and prioritize inclusive activities for different cultural groups to rise awareness of rights, responsibilities, and confidentiality.

Alleviate isolation whilst building self-esteem create friendship and a support network among members, families and carer.

Funded Project Activities

   . Lewisham Public Health

   .Health Inequalities in Achieve Health Equity       Through Dialogue

  • National Lottery Community Fund,  Phoenix Fund, Africa Advocacy Foundation ,NXT Trust, LEE CHARITY OF WILLIAM HATCLIFF

  • Participatory Education Theatre

  • Online and in-person focus group discussions which involved sharing experiences around COVID-19 how it affects generally i.e. emotional lifestyle, situation, news or information, effects of lockdown, Tier 1, 2, 3  & 4


North Lewisham Primary Care Network, KINARA,  Deptford People’s Heritage Museum, Goldsmiths Department of Visual Cultures, Lyla's Place, Counselling with a Creative Touch, Lewisham council,  Brook (Love Sex Life). Blueprint for All ,Africa Advocacy Foundation.

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Getting to Zero HIV


​Red Ribbon Living Well is committed to helping reduce HIV infections locally and in the capital.

We work to promote HIV testing, treatment and care within black communities. We are proud to be working with a number of different FTC partners to get to zero.

Eliminating HIV Stigma


​Red Ribbon Living Well sits on the FTC Stigma Working Group working to eliminate HIV stigma in London. We also work with a number of HIV advocates and patients to address HIV stigma and discrimination.

Volunteers Packing Food
Healthy Living
Local Support
Since 2010, Red Ribbon Living Well has been a place of safety and support for people living with and affected by HIV. 
Coming Soon!

Virtual HIV Discussions - Weekly on Fridays at 6pm
This is a confidential closed group for people diagnosed with HIV and keen to particpate in discussion groups featuring diferent topics. Text us on 07939795605 to register.


Training Sessions

Health Community Champion, Mental health, Building Capacity training sessions for people living with HIV and co-morbidities to manage their health better. Text us on 07939795605 to register.

Virtual Support Group Meeting, Phoenix- Covid Resilience

​We are running advice sessions to help our communities manage effectively during this difficult period. Call us on 07939795605 to book a session.

Coming Soon!

HIV training, workshops, events and forum on testing ,prevention ,treatment and stigma free.

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